Thursday, June 23, 2005

Self-indulgence and amazement

I got the bright idea to google my blog last night. Sure enough, it came up- all of the laughter, the tears, the ... uh... hyphens.

Google is an amazing tool. You can enter any random phrase that enters your mind, and you're guaranteed to get at least 4 related porn sites. Well, generally. But what I discovered was something far, far more interesting and terrifying.

There's a book, written by Dr. Nand Kishore Sharma called "Milk: A Silent Killer".

Let me repeat that, because it bears repeating: There is a book whose title is the same as this blog, whose named I pulled out of my nether regions.

From Dr. Sharma's book, we get this thought:

"One shouldn't drink milk just because it has been favored by rishi-munis or the ancient sages. Seek your own truth by using your brains, common sense and all the research available on the subject today."

Now I am afraid. Is milk truly a silent killer? What if I'm promoting the Culture of Death by trying to coerce people to laugh at this supposed adsurdity- all the while the reality is that old Bessie is delivering sweet, creamy poison to us all.

All I can picture now is a man slumped in front of his computer, the screen illuminating empty milk cartons strewn around the corpse.

God save us all.


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