Thursday, August 26, 2004

I'm so excited I will shriek like a cheerleader

Ok, my curiousity is getting the better of me- I'm gonna do the roll for tomorrow's story tonight.

1st roll (theme): 6 (Drama)
2nd roll (period): 11 (Nationalist)
3rd roll (conflict): 4 (Other)

This one should be interesting- a dramatic piece with an original conflict. I'm interested in seeing what other kind of conflict I can come up with, or something strange.

I'm feeling kind of bad- the last few entries haven't been rife with my attempts at humor. I will try and rectify that by offering an amusing anectdote from my work today.

My job is somewhat unconventional for a white collar office environment- I first discovered this when people decided to have a nerf assault against the financial department. There's something odd about seeing otherwise grown people stalk around an office building.

Another oddity: there's a lot of drinking going on. I would estimate that at least half of the office parties include alcohol. The upside to this is obvious- the far more perilous downside is that karaoke becomes involved on occassion. If you haven't heard "Convoy" by a socially repressed software developer, then you have not lived, my friend.

Today's antics revolved around my own and two other's nuptuals. A well-intentioned "bachelor party" was planned. I had foreknowledge of the event, of course, but my blood ran cold with what these nerf-wielding alcoholics could be planning. Did I mention that there was cross-dressing at the Halloween party? Indeed there was, and joined with it was abject horror.

Surprisingly, it was relatively tame. Some drinking, sure, and a gag gift of edible underwear. A cake with a scantily-clad woman, but nothing more risque than you'd find at a Spencer's gifts. I'm not sure what I was expecting, really- not strippers dropping from the ceiling or anything, but it seemed strange from a company that's so permissive in other areas. I guess it's just proof that we are still a very puritanical society, comparitively, and particularly sexually. I find it humorous, actually- commercials, movies and tv shows leave nothing to the imagination, but we're expected to turn away from those things and pretend they don't exist. But it's okay to show extreme violence, for example. We're just a weird people, but I think we already knew that.

Now, bring on the comely ladies with skirts that bare the ankle!


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