Friday, July 30, 2004

A short but sweet message

Attention Americans reading this:

Ok, now I would ask all (three) of you to go register to vote, if you haven't already. As you may or may not know, there's a small election coming up in November (unless it's delayed by terrorism- i.e. a man will bomb your hanging chads). Election season is the perfect time to vote, and in fact, the only time to vote. I would strongly suggest that you exercise this right. I mean, what else did you get that you can use when you're 18? Only to be charged as an adult, and judging from my own psychological state, I am nowhere near an adult.

The other advantages to being interested in the political process include: listening to people that are strongly conservative argue ("build a wall around the borders, and put scary pictures on the outside to keep people out") with people that are strongly liberal ("Ants have the same basic human rights as, ant rights"), wondering where those people from (the woodwork), or what part of the woodwork they come from, and fighting over Senate Bill 252A, The Appropriation of Funds for Jabberwocky.

Plus, if you vote, you get a cool sticker, and you might be involved in an exciting bout of election fraud.

We can only hope. Go vote!


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