Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Just another on-time update from yours truly

I always would wonder how people could be so insensitive as to not update their blog/webcomic/site every time I visited. Now the shoe is on the other hand, so to speak. It's not that I didn't want to update- it was more that an unseen force drove me away from posting anything- and by that I mean I was a lazy, lazy man.

As we all know, the Internet is a den of sin and depravity. We know this and we can accept this. With a little time and care, we can even revel in this. I, for one, don't know what I would do if www.pissmops.com didn't exist.

The problem, dear reader, is not that crazy people are on the Internet. It's that those crazy people are able to congregate. In the pre-Internet era, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and man's greatest enemy was nature (and dinosaurs), the Guy-who-likes-looking-at-pictures-of-foot-amputations" was alone, and had little chance of finding another affectionado of severed limbs. Sure, he might encounter Crazy-one-eyed-guy-who-likes-arm-scars, but that's hardly the same thing. They might be able to go out for drinks and to shoot pool, but in the end they're looking for two different things.

Now, technology has afforded us the ability to locate and collaborate with others, no matter if your interest is video games, home decorating or transsexual hammer fighting. On a floor of polished human bone. Yes, the Internet is a golden and wonderful place.

There's nothing necessarily inherently wrong with people with such varied interests meeting up. In a way, it might be good for them- I have a feeling that solitude for Ms. Inflatable-Zebra-Doll might lead her to act out in horrifying ways. On the other hand, letting people of Interesting hobbies can lead to them giving each other ideas, which could be even worse. For example:

Guy-who-believes-Jesus-is-an-alien: Dude, what if Jesus was here to invade us!? We need to defend ourselves!

Guy-who-believes-Jesus-is-an-alien-2: Whoa.

Normally, I wouldn't cast judgement on people. I'm not God. Not an angry, judgemental one, anyways. Most of these people have harmless mental disorders or Interesting hobbies. However, if the stated purpose is to harm other people, it's time to find a girlfriend. Preferably one that doesn't take crap like that from you.

Guy-that-collects-various-pieces-of-driftwood: Hey honey, have you seen my collection of driftwood that looks like the Virgin Mary?

Girlfriend-that-doesn't-take-crap-like-that: Yeah, I think I threw it into the dumpster, on fire.

So, in conclusion, it's all about love.


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